Digital Mental Health Interventions


Digital or e-based programs that share mental health information, skill-building, and other resources at regular intervals with staff have been shown to improve mental health. Often, these programs include an anonymous self-assessment to assist someone in better understanding their strengths, provide tailored resources to help fit the individual’s needs (for example mindfulness activities, stress management tools, or cognitive-behavioural therapy based strategies) and are offered over multiple weeks and months. Reminders or check-ins via email or text messages are also sometimes used to prompt engaging with the program.

There are many resources available that organizations can purchase or use as a digital mental health program which vary in cost and intensity. Studies have found that certain characteristics often lead to greater impact in staff:

  • The program targets a specific health behaviour or set of symptoms such as stress or depression (in other words, the fewer the better)
  • The program is directly embedded in staff’s work such as a computer software program for office employees.
  • The program is conducted regularly during working hours.
Notes About this Intervention
  • EAPs can be financially resource heavy for employers but multiple models are available from a variety of organizations with differing costs.
  • One of the benefits of digital mental health programs is that they have shown effectiveness in a diverse workforce population.

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