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You’re a mental health champion so we want to give you what you need to succeed: with Minds Connected you can learn about the state of mental health in Lambton, search for interventions to promote mental health, and receive support to champion these efforts in your practice setting.  Be a part of the positive change today!


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Minds Connected is an online network that connects you to evidence-informed interventions, key resources, and a community of local professionals working to improve mental health right here in Lambton.  If you are looking for mental health services, you will be able to find these in the community section of this website.

If you are an employer, health professional or educator in Lambton, login or sign up to access interventions – it’s free to join!


About Mental Health

In the last few years, we have seen a growing awareness of mental health and mental illness nationally, provincially and locally.  Lambton County is a flourishing, resilient community with a generally high level of mental health literacy and low level of stigma toward mental illness. But our most vulnerable people experience the greatest stigma and worse baseline mental health. This is particularly true for young people between 15 and 24 years of age.

Although better than the Ontario average, our residents are not confident enough in the ability of our institutions and organizations to address mental health needs.  We have a strong foundation of mental wellbeing, but there is more that can be done to improve and maintain positive mental health for everyone in Lambton County.


report excellent or very good mental health


have a high level of resiliency


are confident that they know where to find information about mental health or mental illness


have ever been diagnosed with a mental illness


Check our hand-picked list of programs, curricula, and resources that have been shown to improve mental health.

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Looking for a video on mental health?  A one-pager on social emotional learning?  How about a backgrounder on mental health right here in Lambton?  Browse through some of the best resources we’ve found and submit yours! View Resources >

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[taxonomy-cta title=’Mental Health Services’ post_type=’lambton-service’ tax_name=”lambton_service_type” url_base=”community”]Are you or is someone you know struggling with mental health problems and need help? Find out what’s available in your area.[/taxonomy-cta]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of Minds Connected

For organizations:

  1. To increase the use of evidence-informed interventions for mental health promotion.
  2. To generate evidence of the effectiveness of interventions for mental health promotion.
  3. To build capacity for mental health action in our community.
  4. To improve the coordination of mental health services.

For individuals, families and communities:

  1. To increase awareness of mental health services.
  2. To increase awareness of the interventions implemented and their impact.
  3. To increase self-reported mental wellbeing.
  4. To increase individual knowledge and skills for mental health.
  5. To decrease perceived mental health stigma and discrimination.
  6. To continue to build supportive community culture for mental health.

Who should join Minds Connected?

Any employer or educator who wants to improve mental health in their workplace or school should sign up.  Whether you want to implement a new program or just share some valuable information, we’ve got ideas for you.    

In the future, we will have interventions for other settings so even more people can participate in creating a mentally healthy Lambton.

Why do I need to sign up to see interventions

We want to help!  When you sign up, we can offer support, answer any questions, and provide encouragement along the way.  You will also be able to provide feedback this way by commenting on the interventions for other users and letting us know the impact you saw from the intervention.  Eventually, we’ll be able to see the impact across all of Lambton.

What is expected of me if I join Minds Connected?

Sign up. Pick an intervention. Let us know how it went!  We want to know which programs are having the biggest impact here in Lambton so others can join in.  We’ll support you to implement an intervention and evaluate its impact. You’ll also be able to provide feedback for other employers and educators who may be interested in that intervention.  

How were the interventions chosen to be included on this website?

All interventions come from a systematic literature search and review of best practices databases from Canada and the US for universal mental health interventions that had been shown through rigorous research to improve outcomes.  Interventions were further identified based on a program’s availability or accessibility and in the case of school boards, consultation with Mental Health Leads. If you want access to the full list of interventions from the review and databases, contact us!