Peace Learning Circles (formerly Tribes Learning Communities)

  1. Attentive listening
  2. Appreciations/no “put downs”
  3. Mutual respect
  4. The “right to pass” or participate

As students become better at honoring the four agreements and working together, teachers gradually transfer responsibility to the tribes, so the members can set their own goals, monitor progress, solve problems, and achieve success through project learning.

  • Program Kits are available to order online.
  • Seven 30-60 minute lessons for each grade are delivered using developmentally appropriate games, role-playing, small group activities, cooperative learning and class discussions.
  • Engages all parts of the educational community (i.e. parents, teachers, students, etc.) to create a caring supportive environment. 
  • By using groups of 3-6 students to work together for the year builds relationship and teamwork
  • Based on Social Emotional Learning Theories

Curriculum manuals and other supplementary material are available to order online.

Source: Peace Learning Centre

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