Mental Health e-Courses


CCOHS offers a package of e-courses to help employers, managers, supervisors, and workers understand mental health issues in the workplace.  The following courses may be taken separately, or as a package:

Each e-course has a different focus – personal mental fitness, organizational health, recognizing signs and symptoms (and providing solutions), and communication strategies. By taking the full series, you will gain a comprehensive understanding about mental health in the workplace and learn what you can do for yourself, the organization, and individuals who may have mental health issues.

Notes About this Intervention
  • Courses are recommended for employers, employees, managers, and supervisors.
  • Online course-based.
  • Evaluations are available upon request.
  • Provided by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

CCOHS courses are unique in that they are developed by subject specialists in the field, and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and government to ensure the content and approach are unbiased and credible.

CCOHS and High Point Wellness Centre have partnered to create this series of e-courses on mental health in the workplace. High Point Wellness has over 80 years of experience in the Canadian and American market places providing health care solutions for a variety of public & private industries, insurance sectors, workers’ compensation and consulting organizations. For more information, visit

Source:  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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We don’t have all of the answers. But we would love to hear about your journey to create a mentally healthier community and support you any way we can.

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