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  • Healthy Body Healthy Mind

    Healthy Body Healthy Mind enhances mental health literacy and reduce stigma by exposing children to mental health concepts at a young age repeatedly through the years. The program encourages children to talk about mental health, promotes positive self-identity, and healthy decision-making.

  • Recess

    Research shows that recess can also have a positive impact on students’ mental health and academic achievement as well, specifically correlating with increases in social skills, peer relationships, conflict resolution, and even more broadly, school climate.

  • Beyond Images: A Self Esteem and Body Image Curriculum

    Beyond Images is a turn-key curriculum with free online lesson plans for grades 4 through 8 fill a gap in media literacy curricula nationally and include activities that make a positive difference in combating appearance-based bullying and negative stereotypes.

  • Mental Health and High School Curriculum Guide

    A complete set of educational tools proven to increase mental health literacy of both students and teachers.

  • Michigan Model for Health

    A comprehensive, skills-based health education curriculum that shares your goal of helping young people live happier and healthier lives. 

  • MindUP™

    The MindUP Program teaches the strategies and skills you need to find optimism, build resilience and create solutions for life’s challenges.

  • Playground Activity Leaders in Schools (PALS)

    Increase physical activity, to decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of playground bullying, and to provide a leadership opportunity for students.

  • Project ALERT Program

    A free, classroom-based substance abuse prevention program for 7th and 8th graders that’s proven to reduce the experimental and continued use of drugs. 

  • Student Success Skills

    Student Success Skills is a K-12 evidence-based model that helps students develop key cognitive, social and self-management skills. 

  • Teaching Students to be Peacemakers

    Teaching Students to Be Peacemakers is a school-based conflict resolution program aimed at teaching students to manage their conflicts through negotiation and mediation, the core skills taught in the program.