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Your Health Space supports health care organizations across Ontario to improve mental health in their workplaces through live workshops and self-directed modules. It embraces the holistic view that psychological health and safety in the workplace takes the collective effort of individuals across an entire health care organization. Therefore, the program is offered to Leaders, Health Care Workers, and Support Staff working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home and community care settings. Through this program, health care workers can learn to recognize and manage symptoms of chronic workplace stress and connect with colleagues through facilitated discussions.

Parts of Your Health Space can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. You can choose to attend live virtual workshops or have one of our many trainers from across Ontario travel to your workplace to facilitate in-person sessions. For leadership workshops, you can choose the presentation length that would best suit your team’s availability, as well as what case studies to use and foundational content to include. 

Some of the workshop and micro-learning topics include:

  • Introduction to Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Self-care
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Burnout: From Exhaustion to Efficacy
  • Managing Stress in the Workplace
  • Fostering trauma-Informed Workplaces
  • Exercising Mindfulness in the Workplace

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