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Explore our hand-picked list of programs, curricula, and resources and find an intervention that have been shown to improve mental health in the workplace.

Many organizations may already have resources allotted to staff training so considering how these trainings focus on staff well-being or how they can support staff well-being could be a helpful approach.
CB-based approach provides skills and tools that help to address the thoughts and thinking patterns (cognitive) and related behaviours (actions or reactions) in order to improve how one views their world experience and employs coping strategies.
The training and programs included a variety of different focuses ranging from psychoeducation and information about the brain, breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and imagery practice, and of course information and tactics that help promote self-compassion.
In the current era where it is ever more difficult to “leave work at work”, there is demonstrated value in psychological detachment, or allowing staff to (mentally or physically) distance themselves from work during non-work times.
Nature is well known to have positive effects on our mental health and overall well-being but there is also evidence that it can specifically assist in the workplace by promoting positive mental health and helping to reduce stress.

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