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School Programs for Students

Check out our hand-picked list of programs, curricula, and resources that have been shown to improve mental health.


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Outdoor education has been shown to have a variety of benefits across the lifespan. Specifically within the educational context, regularly compulsory school-based and curriculum-based outdoor education over an extended period of time have been shown to have a variety of positive effects on students across age ranges.
Resilience-focused interventions are the explicit or implicit building of skills that enable individuals to recover to positive mental health following an adversity and include a variety of internal and external factors.
Schoolyard greening is a broad concept that denotes the outdoor school environment being changed to include a variety of natural elements.
Increasing social emotional learning is the concept of boosting students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes to demonstrate social emotional competence.
Family-School Engagement looks at specific ways that a school works directly with parents/caregivers and families to support the student to foster academic achievement or well-being.

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