Compasses don’t tell us which direction to go but they help us to know where we are and make a decision about where to go. The acronym COMPASS can help us to orient ourselves and our work towards becoming a mentally healthier space.

Design Element

What Can You Do?




Speak with members and leaders and commit to action!

Identify a group of committed individuals who are interested in supporting a mental health initiative.

Even though you want to get started with initiatives, it’s important to understand what exists in your community. The program you choose will focus on bolstering your community’s strengths and addressing any gaps or challenges you see through mapping.

Planning the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the program or initiative will help things to run as smoothly as possible. Plan to evaluate your initiatives before you start acting.

The plan is in place so it’s time to execute it. Keep note of any changes, bumps, and successes so you can adapt and improve. Evaluate as you go.

What did you learn? How and with whom can we share our learnings? Let everyone know how it went! We can help you analyze some of your evaluation data so you can share back with your relevant stakeholders to celebrate your success and help others take advantage of the lessons you learned. Sharing can be helpful for the next stage, sustaining your efforts.

Learning about mental health doesn’t just happen one time. Creating a mentally healthy space is a process and so determining how you want to sustain the learning, program, or initiative is important to the sustain the benefits!

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