Tribes Learning Communities

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Tribes Learning Communities (Tribes TLC®) is a research-based elementary, middle and high school program that promotes academic social and emotional development by creating a positive learning environment. The Tribes group development process focuses on resiliency and the stages of human development. Tribes is a community building process—a culture and active learning pedagogy best learned by experiencing it. The purpose of the 24-hour experiential training is to prepare teachers, administrators and support staff personnel to develop a caring school and classroom environment, and to reach and teach students through an active learning approach that promotes student development, motivation and academic achievement. Teachers organize their students into collaborative learning groups of three to six students, known as “tribes.” Each tribe works together throughout the academic year. To promote a spirit of cooperation and social acceptance, students and teachers also honor four basic agreements while in the classroom:

  1. Attentive listening
  2. Appreciations/no “put downs”
  3. Mutual respect
  4. The “right to pass” or participate

As students become better at honoring the four agreements and working together, teachers gradually transfer responsibility to the tribes, so the members can set their own goals, monitor progress, solve problems, and achieve success through project learning.

Key Outcomes: Understanding & Engaging with Others, Understanding and Managing Oneself, Social Engagement, Improved Academic Performance
Already in Schools: Yes
Cost: $ (<$100)
Provider: Educator
Training Requirements: Training Optional
Parent Involvement: Involved
Origin: US

Notes About this Intervention:

  • Engages all parts of the educational community (i.e. parents, teachers, students, etc.) to create a caring supportive environment. By using groups of 3-6 students to work together for the year builds relationship and teamwork.
  • Discussion-based intervention.
  • Training optional but encouraged.

Source: Tribes Learning Community

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