Too Good for Violence

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Character education and asset development are at the core of Too Good for Violence: Social Perspectives providing students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need for positive social development and supportive relationships. Too Good builds protection within the student by: providing opportunities for pro-social involvement, establishing positive norms including healthy beliefs and clear standards, promoting bonding to pro-social peers, and increasing personal and social skills. The program also mitigates the risk factors associated with problem behaviors by addressing: poor social skills, peer rejection, inappropriate social behaviors, and friends who engage in problem behaviors.

Key Outcomes: Understanding & Managing Oneself, Understanding and Engaging with Others, Increase Protective Factors
Already in Schools: No
Cost: $$ ($100-$500)
Provider: Educator
Training Requirements: Training NOT Required
Parent Involvement: Not Involved
Origin: US

Notes About this Intervention:

  • Program Kits are available to order online.
  • Seven 30-60 minute lessons for each grade are delivered using developmentally appropriate games, role-playing, small group activities, cooperative learning and class discussions.

Source: Too Good Programs

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