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MindUP™ is a 15-lesson program for Pre-K-8th grade students, brought to life by a teacher in the classroom. MindUP™ is science-centric and evidence-based, with over 10 years of research conducted on the program’s efficacy. MindUP™ is grounded four core pillars: Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindful Awareness and Social-Emotional Learning. MindUP™ has 15 lessons that teach activities around topics such as gratitude, mindfulness and perspective taking. MindUP™ provides an immersive discovery experience along with daily core practices, such as the guided “Brain Break” breathing exercise. MindUP™ drives positive behavior, improves learning and scholastic performance, and increases empathy, optimism and compassion.

Key Outcomes: Understanding & Managing Oneself
Already in Schools: Yes
Cost: $ (<$100)
Provider: Educator
Training Requirements: Training NOT Required
Parent Involvement: Not Involved
Origin: US

Notes About This Intervention:

  • Fifteen classroom based lessons and mindfulness training organized into four units with links to the curriculum.
  • Lesson manuals available to order online or can be ordered locally.
  • Booklets are available for pre-K to 2, 3-5, 6-8 with lessons available for $25 each. 
  • Training and consultation support for whole school implementation is available (for a fee) but not necessary.

Source: Mind UP

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For more information on implementing an intervention at your school, check out our COMPASS for Schools on how you can create a mentally healthier space.