Kids Have Stress Too!

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Even the most nurturing home and school environment includes a range of stressors that can both challenge and motivate children. While stress is a necessary part of development and learning, it’s clear that Canadian families now face more stress than ever before.  With the help of a range of educators, psychologists and stress experts from across the country, we developed the Kids Have Stress Too! ® and Stress Lessons programs. The programs are designed to help the important people in children’s’ lives learn to promote resiliency by buffering the impact of stress, and building positive coping strategies to deal with life’s stressors. With components for teachers, counsellors, administrators, parents and caregivers, it provides a comprehensive approach that will help young people: recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, understand what stress “feels” like, identify stressors and their impact, see the upside of stress, develop/implement coping and problem-solving strategies, and foster an increased sense of well-being.

Key Outcomes: Understanding and Managing Oneself, Understanding and Engaging with Others, Self and Stress Management
Already in Schools: Yes
Cost: $ (<$100)
Provider: Educator
Training Requirements: Training NOT Required
Parent Involvement: Involved
Origin: Canada

Notes About This Intervention:

  • Kids Have Stress Too is for kindergarten and grades 1-3, Stress Lessons has components for grades 4-6, 7-9, and ages 14-17.  Throughout the school year, concepts are taught through educator-led classroom activities and role-playing.
  • Lesson plans are adapted for developmentally appropriate age ranges. 
  • Lesson plans, activities, and other supplementary resources are available to download online.

Source: Psychology Foundation

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