Beyond Images: A Self Esteem and Body Image Curriculum

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Beyond Images invites youth to engage in the world of media on their terms! Students learn how media messages are constructed both mechanically and symbolically – then learn to make their own media messages about beauty beyond the obvious. Beyond Images explores current concepts of male and female beauty and what it means to “fit in”, helping students understand and develop resilience against negative messaging. Lessons accessible for free online through the National Eating Disorders Information Centre that promote healthy self-image and resiliency.

Key Outcomes: Understanding & Managing Oneself, Media Literacy
Already in Schools: Yes
Cost: $ (<$100)
Provider: Educator
Training Requirements: Training NOT Required
Parent Involvement: Not Involved
Origin: Canada

Notes About this Intervention:

  • Online lesson plans available for download for grades 4-8 and are available instantly after completing a web form.
  • Revised in 2016 with five lessons per grade and updated to include messages they may encounter on social media.

Source: Beyond Images

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