Family Counselling Centre
Building 1030, 2nd Floor
1086 Modeland Road
Sarnia ON N7S 6L2

Tel: 519-336-0120 or 1-800-834-3031
Fax 519-336-8517
Distress Line (24 hours): 519-336-3000 or 1-888-DISTRES (1-888-347-8738)


Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Services & Programs

Programs and services offered at Family Counselling Centre include:

  • STARRting Point: STARRting Point provides information and referrals for all children’s services in Lambton County and provides a single point of access for all children’s residential placements. STARRting Point helps families take advantage of more than one program that the community has to offer and helps those with complex needs develop a coordinated plan for the services they require. Referrals accepted from all sources.
  • Counselling: Family, Couple & Individual (FCI) services provide assistance to those needing help dealing with Life’s Challenges, such as: family difficulties, maritial conflict, grief, stress, separation/divorce, anxiety, depression, anger management. Through solution-focused interventions, professionally trained counsellors help individuals and families to improve their level of functioning, their satisfaction with life and their involvement with interpersonal relationships. Family Counseling Centre has free, subsidized and fee-for service counselling programs and service to meet various needs:. If you feel you would benefit from some help, contact our trained Intake Worker to determine which program or service is best for you.
  • Sexual Assault Outreach Program: The Sexual Assault Outreach (S.A.O.) Program provides counselling services to women fifty years of age and older in Lambton County who have experienced sexual abuse at some time in their lives. This program provides safe, confidential counselling in the privacy of the woman’s home or in an office setting in Sarnia or Petrolia. This is a free service. Model of service is individual counselling. Referral can be made by the client or a community organization. All clients will be contacted prior to an appointment being scheduled. Risk profiles are completed at the intake level. There is currently no waiting list.
  • Tel-Check Program: Trained volunteers provide daily or regular phone calls to seniors, people with disabilities and people who may live alone or with their families/caregivers; a safety check-in and a reassurance call to ensure that the person is not in need of any assistance; emotional and listening support, medication reminders, information on upcoming social events, and connection with other community resources; confidentiality – this is a non-judgmental and client-focused service; and support to family members and caregivers by providing relief to those who have elderly people in their care. The TeleCheck program’s objective is to assist people in continuing to live at home with dignity, respect and independence, and also support those who are unable to be in regular contact with their parents or the elderly in their lives.

Additional programs and services provided at Family Counselling Centre include:

  • Counselling: Family, Couple & individual
  • Brief Trauma Work
  • Kids on the Block
  • Children’s Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Respite
  • Supervised Access
  • Violence Against Women
  • Family Court Support Worker
  • Partner Assault Response
  • Advocacy, Planning and Support Services (APSS)
  • Passport
  • Special Services at Home
  • Trusteeship Services

How to Access

Referrals accepted from all sources.